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Frequently Asked Questions

🔑 How do I get an API Key?

You need to fill a form to Request API Key. (Note: Make sure you fill the form with valid inputs). The request will be reviewed by me and validated manually.

👨‍💻 I am going to use this API for my company/client project, which email should I use in form?

You should be using the company's official email or the client's official email. It will make sure if any announcement has to be made regarding this API will be reaching the right person. (Note: We do not share your data with the third party.)

🕐 How much time it will take to receive API Key?

Once your API request is approved you will receive an email with API Key. (Note: Ideal time to receive API key is within a Day or Two).

🤓 Can I use this API Key for more than one project?

I should suggest you use a Unique API Key for each project. That will help us easy to migrate to any new system if any to be implemented in near future.

🔞 Are there any restrictions on usage or How many requests are allowed per minute?

No, there are no such limitations that have been kept at the moment to the usage of API. You can use it freely but use it Wisely.

  • Try to keep API responses cached for at least a day. (Since this data is mostly static in nature and updates quite rarely).
  • If you're just using this API to leech the data or copy the data to your database then please consider using a direct source of the database from here. CountriesStatesCitiesDB

🆓 Is this API Free forever?

TBH, I want to keep this API Free Forever for the community but sometimes it needs a little bit of support from the users. If this API does help you earn some bucks, then please try to Donate at least 1% of your earning and I am sure that it will be enough to keep this API alive and Free Forever.

🤔 How often data source gets updated?

I usually try to resolve data issues in bulk and then push data updates all together to this API. So it all depends on the new release of the Database I make on the repo -- CountriesStatesCitiesDB

🟢 What is the API's uptime?

The API has had an uptime of 99.99% throughout the last 12 months. You can review the current status anytime on the Status Page.

Issues are most welcome. As it makes this database stronger. Feel free to create an issue by using this link - Report an Issue

🍕 I need something more in response, Where can I submit my request/suggestions?

You can start raising your request/suggestions here - Raise a Request

🙏 I am building a plugin/addon/project/app and I need your help.

Well, I hardly get free time to build side stuff. But feel free to share your idea, I would be happy to be a part if it's awesome.

🤷 "I've got a custom question", What should I do?

Please feel free to email me at gadadarshan[at]